Carhartt Explained: 6 Different Types of Carhartt Jackets

Carhartt Explained: 6 Different Types of Carhartt Jackets

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Looking for the perfect Carhartt jacket? We've got you covered with our comprehensive guide to their diverse range of styles and variations.

Carhartt, the renowned workwear brand with a rich history dating back to 1889, offers a diverse selection of jackets. With over 100 styles and variations, it can be daunting to find the specific jacket you're looking for. In this guide, our goal is to simplify your search by highlighting the main types of Carhartt jackets, both past and present. Whether you're a hardworking individual in need of durable gear or a fashion enthusiast attracted to their tough and straightforward designs, this guide will help you navigate through Carhartt's jacket offerings.

Let's explore some of Carhartt's notable jacket styles:

The Detroit Jacket, originally known as the "Zipper Jacket," was first introduced in 1954 as a rugged and durable garment tailored for American workers. It featured a simple yet practical design, including a zip-up front, pointed collar, two hand pockets, and waist adjusters. Initially crafted from denim, it later evolved into a robust 12-ounce cotton duck canvas. Throughout the years, the jacket underwent several updates, such as a shorter waist-length in the 1970s and a softer, prewashed version in 1992. In 2019, Carhartt introduced a modernized version with a more contemporary fit and a vibrant range of new colors, marking a significant update after decades of its original release.

 Carhart Detroit Jacket

The Santa Fe Jacket has been a beloved style since the 1980s, inspired by the iconic "Western Jacket" from that era. This jacket showcases a corduroy point collar, a full zip fastening, padded long sleeves, slit pockets, ribbed hem and cuffs, and a distinctive label patch. Made of cotton, it is available in various colors and occasionally features a quilted flannel lining in vintage versions.

Santa Fe Jacket

The Chore Jacket, also known as the Carhartt Work Jacket, has a rich history dating back to 1923. Originally produced in blue denim and later in the iconic duck brown canvas, this durable garment was designed with railroad workers in mind. It features corduroy lining on the collar, triple-stitched seams, and reinforced pockets with copper rivets. The Carhartt Chore Jacket is a timeless and reliable choice, beloved by vintage and workwear enthusiasts for its enduring style and exceptional durability.

Chore Jacket

The Sierra Jacket is renowned for its exceptional warmth and durability. Constructed with a cotton duck canvas shell and Sherpa lining, it provides excellent insulation for colder conditions. Practical features like a full zip front and multiple pockets make it a favorite among workwear enthusiasts. Available in various sizes and colors, it offers a blend of functionality and style.

Sierra Jacket

The Armstrong Jacket comes in both hooded and non-hooded versions, both equipped with Full Swing® technology for enhanced mobility. The hooded styles also include sherpa lining for additional warmth. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, this jacket remains a popular choice, offering versatility and comfort for various occasions.

Armstrong Jacket

Carhartt's jacket collection offers a perfect combination of durability and style. We hope this guide has made it easier for you to navigate through their various jacket styles. With modern updates, a wide range of colors, exceptional warmth, and enhanced mobility features, Carhartt continues to deliver high-quality jackets that cater to both work and fashion needs. So, gear up with Carhartt and enjoy reliable and fashionable jackets that meet your unique requirements.

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