Celebrating 6 Years of From Another

Celebrating 6 Years of From Another

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2017: The Humble Beginnings

Our adventure began in Edmonton, in a quaint 600 sq. ft space nestled in an alley. This small beginning was the foundation of From Another, setting the stage for a community that would grow to embrace vintage streetwear and sneakers with open arms.

2020: Edmonton's Expansion


With our community expanding rapidly, our Edmonton store needed more space, prompting a move to Whyte Ave at 10444 82 Ave.

2022: Calgary Joins the Family and Edmonton's Strategic Move

Our passion for vintage and sneakers took us to Calgary, where we opened our new store on 17 Ave, marking a significant expansion. Later that year, we relocated our Edmonton store to a new address, ensuring our space could accommodate our growing inventory and community.



2023: Vancouver Opens Its Doors


In 2023, we ventured into Vancouver, opening our store in the historic Gastown district, where we would introduce our curated collection to the west coast. 

2024: Calgary's New Chapter and Celebrating Six Years of Success

As 2024 rolled around, our Calgary store found a new home, reinforcing our commitment to enhancing our retail experience. To commemorate our six-year milestone, we introduced the "6 Year Anniversary" t-shirt, featuring a distinctive basketball player design.

More Than Just a Store

Looking back on six years of growth, collaborations, and the unwavering support of the community, we're reminded of the journey that continues to shape us. From a modest start in Edmonton to becoming a beloved name in vintage, streetwear, and sneakers across Canada, every step has been driven by a passion for the culture and the people who make it vibrant. So we invite you to explore our carefully selected collection of vintage gems, and the latest in sneaker culture.

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