Calgary Stampede Shopping Guide

Calgary Stampede Shopping Guide

It’s Calgary’s busiest time of the year, and whether you’re visiting for the first time, tenth time, or you live here, we wanted to put a guide together for shopping sustainably.
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A Calgary Stampede shopping guide for all things Vintage, Streetwear, and Sneakers.

It’s Calgary’s busiest time of the year, and whether you’re visiting for the first time, tenth time, or you live here, we wanted to put a guide together for shopping sustainably. Calgary is beginning to have a burgeoning fashion scene, and it’s thanks to some of the great people behind these stores. So whether you are looking for a last minute cowboy outfit, or just want to get fitted while you’re here, we highly recommend the following shops:


HG Vintage



Address: 720 17th SW

HG Vintage is located in the heart of 17th ave on the second floor, right above Rumble Boxing, and across the street from Western Canada High School. The store is jam packed with goodies, so you’ll have no problem finding something that you like. From vintage tees, crewnecks, jackets, and denim short shorts - this is a great stop for anyone looking to add some solid vintage to their closet.


Less 17 

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Address: 930 17th Ave SW

A boutique menswear that will not disappoint, Less 17 is located on 17th Ave and 9th street. As locals refer to it “Less” has an impressive selection of upscale men’s clothing and shoes, like Rick Owens, Nike, Stone Island, and many many more. The store itself is quite beautiful, and even if you don’t buy anything, it’s worth checking out for the vibes alone.





Address: 1312 1 St SW

This store is absolutely better than the sum of it’s parts. Located on 1st Street SW, New/ish is a collective of vendors, all coming together to create one cohesive store. Featuring women’s and menswear, you and your significant other should both be able to find something that you like. If you don’t like the curation on one rack, just head over to the next rack for a whole new curation!


Genuine Design Consignment & All Things GQ


Website: &

Address: 220 13 Ave SW Suite 100

Genuine Design is a consignment menswear store in the Beltline area, on 13th Ave SW. Focusing on finding the right item for you, Genuine Designer offers dress wear, for office or at home attire. Find a blazer that fits you perfectly, a pair of yeezys, or even some designer clothing for a price that may astound you. Sharing a space with them is All Things GQ - a curated womenswear shop focused on adding timeless second hand pieces to your wardrobe. They are appointment only - so message them to shop exclusively.


Le Freak



Address: 104 8 Ave NE

Le Freak is the pinnacle of inclusivity. With a little shop just off centre street at the top of the hill, they have a wide range of unique and fun items for you to shop. Their styling is immaculate as well, so if you're unsure on what to wear, they will have no problem steering you in the right direction.


Status Streetwear Boutique



Address: #200 1211 Kensington Rd NW

Status is a new entry into the Calgary scene, and once you visit their store, it will leave an impression on you. Located in Kensington, Status has an impressive selection of brand new sneakers, but also features streetwear brands like Crooks and Castles and The Marathon Clothing. Hoping to make an impact on Calgary culture, Status is a must visit if you’re in Kensington.


The Nines



Address: 2110 54 Ave SW

Tucked away in a very cute little shop is the Nines Calgary. What started in a garage, has blown up into a fantastic store with an almost cult-like following. The Nines has curated a store with items that look like they're from the trendiest stores in the country, but are all hand picked and curated by the owner. 


Ninetimes Skateshop



Address: 1409 11 St SW, Calgary

Skater owned and operated, Ninetimes Skateshop has a location in Calgary and Saskatoon. If you're in need of a new deck since yours broke trying to do kickflips in the parking lot, they got you covered. Even if you don't skateboard though, they have a wide selection of streetwear and shoes from big and small brands, and they serve as a bit of a community hub for skaters. The diner next door to them ain't half bad either.

Roadrunner Vintage 



Address: 1012 Macleod Trail SE

Roadrunner Vintage is only a stones throw away from the Stampede, so if you’re in the area you might as well visit! Located on Macleod Trail, Roadrunner carries vintage western wear, vintage band tees, records, and hand made leather goods. They also have entire Boho furniture store in their basement that you cannot miss!

Velour Clothing Exchange



Address: 101 - 1815 4th St SW

Velour Clothing Exchange is an OG buy, sell, trade store located downtown Calgary in the Mission district. Run by an absolute sweetheart, Velour offers a wide range of option for all genders and sizes that span from the 60s to modern day garments. They also carry a few local brands that are wonderfully trendy and cute.

From Another



Address: 924A 17 Ave SW

Finally we saved the best for last! From Another is in the heart of 17th ave, just steps away from Less 17. We are a buy/sell/trade store for all vintage clothing items, streetwear, and new and used sneakers. With some of the best prices in the city, you HAVE to stop by. Shop some of the best vintage tees, jackets, pants, and the newest sneaker releases in store and online at






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